Guide for Using Shipping Boxes and Materials

costa-mesa-city-of-orange-county-packaging-suppliesAlthough the communication via paper letters has reduced drastically due to advent of internet, the resources for this kind of movement are still very much in use due to shipping requirements. The old fashioned way of freight transport is expected to remain operation in same old fashioned way due to people’s trust in the precautionary measures that shipping companies follow while handing the shipping supplies. Nevertheless, the infliction of damages to shipping items is not something that is unheard of. The chances of these kinds of damages to the shipping items can be reduced by selecting right kind of shipping boxes and their materials.

Types of Shipping Box Materials

The types of shipping box materials are numerous, each one capable of ensuring safety of specific type of shipping items during the transportation. However, the main categories of shipping box materials are worth mentioning here. These categories are:

  1. Boxes and envelopes
  2. Cushioning
  3. Sealing

Boxes and Envelopes

Boxes and envelopes are used to contain the shipping items and their related entities. The basic requirement of selecting the shipping boxes and envelopes is that they should be only a little harder than the items to be shipped. That’s because the harder walls inside the box would wreak damage upon the items rather than protecting them. Moreover, the box should not be stuffed with the items. A reasonable room should be there for the cushioning. Envelopes are of two types; padded and unpadded. Padded envelopes are ideal to ensure the shipping of small but breakable items. The types of boxes along with description about their uses are as follows:

  • Standard Boxes: These boxes are available in standardized shapes and sizes.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes can be used for transporting the hanging clothes. These boxes constitute a rod across the upper width.
  • Dish Pack Boxes: Dish pack boxes are used to transport delicate utensils. These boxes usually contain several cells where every cell is made to contain single item.
  • Picture Boxes: These boxes are used to ensure safer shipping of artworks and mirrors.

If you are going to reuse the boxes and envelopes, it is recommended that you remove the labels used in previous shipping.


Cushioning is crucial as it doesn’t let the fragile items to collide with the box’s walls or with each other and break. Cushioning and packing materials can be bought from the market, and there are many which can be found at home. You can use mix of packing materials in order to enhance the safety of items; for example, wrapping the bubble wrap around the item and then filling the box with peanuts can reduce chances of breaking for highly fragile shipping items. Similarly, adjustment of delicate electronic items, wrapped in the bubble wrap, into the Styrofoam packing can increase the safety many times.


With other restrictions such as prohibition of use of strings and exposed staples, it becomes highly important to make sturdy sealing arrangement. Pressure-sensitive plastic tapes and nylon-reinforced tapes are the right choices for securing the shipping box before it is delivered to shipping company.

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